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The Uncluttered Mind

This last two weeks it has been difficult to focus on writing. There has been so much clutter.

confused-mindFirst, there was the news that the tenant was moving from Andrew’s farm house across the road. This meant screening a number of possible new tenants. Meanwhile, there was a significant number of ‘to do’ tasks while Heather was away. They included chain sawing several cords of firewood, painting outbuildings, and getting organized for this year’s apple harvest in the orchard. Apple picking demands moving full apple bins with the fork lift on the tractor. Ah yes, this requires fixing the ‘soft’ tire on the tractor.

Many of these tasks do allow quiet reflection. Others offer snapshots into life in a rural community. This week, I have scheduled meetings to discuss regional economic development, as well as ideas about hosting the Canadian Cartographic Association conference at COGS in May 2018.

Later in September, there are a number of local festivals: the garlic festival at Avonport and the Ciderfest in Bridgetown. Locally on Hwy #201, there is an open house for woodlot owners on South Mountain. The Municipality of Annapolis is hosting a town hall meeting in Bridgetown. Perhaps, this will provide the opportunity to learn about the planned Internet services for the region. Another opportunity to hear about the vision for the County is the Thinkers Retreat in Pugwash, co-hosted by the Centre for Local Prosperity, Warden Timothy Habinski and Councillor Gregory Heming are two of the invited Thinkers.

The concept of uncluttering the mind comes from my conversations with my wife, Heather Stewart. She has just returned from a week long meditation retreat at Dorje Demna Ling, outside of Tatamagouche. It also refers back to an earlier blog on Task-oriented thinking and Retirement. Without the clutter we can find creative solutions to community development. With the clutter, we are aware of our surrounding environment, the needs of citizens, and the availability of different services in the region. Truly, it is not an either/or situation.


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One thought on “The Uncluttered Mind

  1. As time marches on, I find I am doing one “thing” at a time more and more. It seems to be easier, less frantic trying to juggle all the balls, and certainly less stressful. The end of each project becomes more satisfying as well.


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