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From Pugwash and Pictou to Paradise

The Centre for Local Prosperity hosted the sixtieth Anniversary Retreat at the Thinkers Lodge, Pugwash in late September. The topic was Climate Change and the Human Prospect. Recently,  a nineteen page report is available on the web site. They addressed five topics:

i) Localizing Project Drawdown solutions;
ii) Moving money to finance solutions;
iii) Energy, carbon forestry and agriculture, ocean management;
iv) Treaty rights as a leverage point for change;
v) Educational process and Community Engagement.

Of interest to this reader from Paradise, Annapolis County is that two of the Thinkers were Councillors from the Municipality of Annapolis: Gregory Heming and Timothy Habinski (Warden). Another participant of interest was Dale Prest from Community Forests International. For a full list of Thinkers, go to page 17 of the summary report.

theMillOver Christmas, while in Pictou County, there was the opportunity to read Joan Baxter’s book The Mill. Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest. Baxter provides a detailed and well-researched account of the impact of the Scott Paper Mill at Abercrombie Point, near Pictou. The book paints a sad picture of the relationship between government and the forestry sector and the effect on the local communities and the forest landscape.

In the final chapter, Baxter interviews Dale Prest. He talks about the importance of carefully managing the Acadian forest. In his words, trees “are actually an incredible elegantly designed, partial solution to the climate change problem we have.

Afterwards, I checked the Community Forests International (CFI) web site. There are many positive suggestions for small woodlot owners in the Maritimes. I see parallels between Whaelghinbran Farm, NB and what we are attempting at Paradise Orchards, NS. Using the CFI terminology, we are trying to be ‘walkers’ . That is individuals who are ‘walking the talk’. In that context, I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes from the Retreat, being implemented by the Municipality of Annapolis — from Thinkers to Do-ers.


Joan Baxter. 2017. The Mill: Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest, Pottersfield Press.

Centre for Local Prosperity. 2017. Climate Change and the Human Prospect. Report from  60th Anniversary Retreat at Thinkers Lodge,  Pugwash. Centre for Local Prosperity

Community Forests International web site.  Community Forests International





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