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Northern Musings

Everyone returned safely from the four-day dog sledding trip. dogSledCrew
The GARMIN InReach technology worked well, allowing us to track the progress from cabin to cabin. With Edward’s help, I was able to follow their route across the sea ice from Iqaluit and back.screenshot_08_06Apr18 2-21-13 PM
Indirect exposure to this type travel in Winter raised a number of questions or musings.
In Northern latitudes, there is the opportunity to experience the same landscape in very different conditions. In the winter, travel across the sea ice is either by dog team or skimobile. In the Summer, Frobisher Bay is accessible by boat. On the land, the lakes are frozen — a beautiful blue ice, again Winter travel uses the same transportation or skis. Hillsides are rounded out by extensive snow banks. In the summer, it is hiking or canoe.
If this landscape changes so dramatically with the seasons, how does this increased knowledge of the same space, impact our relationship to the land?
There are stories about the land, for all seasons. How will climate change impact the landscape, our travel and hence the narrative?
Meanwhile, back in Iqaluit, I am tucked away, reading some books from England. The current tome is Nicholas Crane’s ‘The Making of the British Landscape‘. Over five hundred pages, describing the changes in Britain from 10,000 BC to the present day. In the frontispiece, Crane comments:
     ‘To care about a place, you must know it’s story’.
In the Inuit oral tradition, these stories extend across the landscape in ALL seasons. Each season offers its own unique version of the landscape.
Nicholas Crane. 20816. The Making Of the British Landscape. W & N , London.

Nicholas Crane is an author, geographer, cartographic expert. He has presented several acclaimed series on BBC2, among them Map Man, Great British Journeys, Britannia, Town and Coast.  He was elected President of the Royal Geographical Society in 2015.

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