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Reconciling with the Land

celticColours2018GuideLast weekend in Cape Breton, we picked up a copy of the Celtic Colours 2018 Festival Guide. The festival runs from October 5-13th. Their banner message is;

our culture lives – not in a country or a landscape – but in the fingers, the voice, the feet, and the heart“.

The guide includes an excellent map showing the official events, the learning opportunities, outdoor events, participatory events, farmers’ markets, visual art/heritage crafts, community meals and local food products.

Returning home, I recalled receiving the June newsletter from the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association. It includes the links to two videos. The first, by Stan and Tom Johnson, Reconciling the Land and Each Other.

And a second, presented at the annual Canadian Biosphere Reserve Association meeting this Summer on Indigenous Circle.

This takes Heather and I back to the submission of the nomination document for the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve (SNBR) to UNESCO, Man and Biosphere (MAB) program, in 2001. The nomination for Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve (BLBR) was in 2011.

In 2018, we have a very different political context.  What is the relationship with the Mi’kmaq in Southwest Nova Scotia? The biosphere reserve includes the counties: Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne and Queens. The core area is Kejimkujik National Park and the Tobeatic Wilderness Area. Do we see the same reconciliation with the land and each other, in SNBR, as found in BLBR? Do they produce a monthly newsletter?

With regard to the Celtic Colours message, are we in agreement, that we can separate our culture from the landscape?


To Edward Wedler and Heather Stewart for their continued support.


2018 Celtic Colours Festival Guide. Website

Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Highlights newsletter. Vol.2 Number 5. June 26, 2018

Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere website

Southwest Nova Biosphere website

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