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Gordonstoun Nova Scotia

Congratulations to our hard-working councillors for their procurement of this opportunity. In my terms, it speaks volumes for ‘place-based education’ in Nova Scotia. I had every intention of being at the announcement. There were swirling rumours about a new Cannabis operation at the Britex plant in Centrelea, as well as the Gordonstoun connection.

Saturday, Heather Stewart decided to attend the workshop at Mersey Tobeatic Research Institure (MTRI) for woodlot owners on the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. Being car-less, I walked down to the Lawrencetown library to retrieve David Quammen’s The Tangled Tree. This is a revision of Darwin’s tree of life. Afterwards, I did not have the energy to walk into Bridgetown from East Paradise for the announcement.

In the Annapolis County Spectator, Tim Habinski makes an interesting observation.

“If there’s a point I really want people to know about the school, and about why this project, it is this: when we went to Gordonstoun, I presented specifically on the values and culture of Annapolis County. I wanted them to know what kind of county it was.”

This is our collective challenge ‘what are the values and culture of Annapolis County ?”

Being a Geographer, with a long-term commitment to the educational institutions in the County, I would argue they are ‘place-based’: the Bay of Fundy, Annapolis Valley, South Mountain (Kejimkujik National Park and the Tobeatic Wilderness Area), North Mountain.

Historically, this will takes us from the Mi’kmaq culture, to Samuel Champlain, the Acadians, Black Nova Scotians to Joshua Slocum and then more recently, the writings of Ernest Buckler, and other artists.

Of course, its way too soon for me to recall, digest and reflect on my memories of the United Kingdom, the monarchy and the school system there. Oddly enough, we were watching Prince Philip in an old episode of The Crown on Netflix last night. Its now over fifty years since I made Canada my permanent home.


Edward Wedler is away in the Caribbean, and so we will miss his graphics.


David Quammen. 2018. The Tangled Tree. A Radical New History of Life.  Simon and Schuster.

Annapolis County Spectator December 9, 2018. Annapolis County Spectator

Developer’s interest in vacant Annapolis County schools leads council to Scotland.

Mutual ethos and historic connection – ‘Gordonstoun reflects our values’, says Annapolis County Warden Habinski.

World Class – Top international private boarding school franchise coming to Annapolis County.


3 thoughts on “Gordonstoun Nova Scotia

  1. The links, oh, the links! This area is fairly buzzing about the Gordonstoun Nova Scotia news. I think this could be that “rising tide that lifts all boats”.


  2. Robert, any time you or Heather need a ride, give me a shout. In hindsight I would’ve gone to the announcement but I’d only heard a brief comment about it. I’m a tad jaded about HabinskI but I guess I should change my mind. BTW I asked Janet Larkman if she got your blog I forwarded to her, about the climate change event at King’s, and she said she forgot about it for the newsletter, but would put it in the next one. No guarantees but is it okay if she does? Jane

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  3. Bob, I was interested in Habinsky’s sweeping statement that Gordonstoun has similar cultural values as the Annapolis County. First of all I believe this is an all boys school that thrives on a punishing physical regime to make mem out of boys. Unless much has changed at that institution I dont see that fit. Aside from being a boys school it is also very elitist and I cant believe kids in the valley would be able to afford it. May be old schools could better be turned into art hubs with good facilities for artists to share, affordable exhibit space and facilities for school children being introduced into the arts. And I mean arts in the broadest sense. That I would find a credible fit. Best of the season!! Dick.

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