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See you in the movies

This week, we binge-watched Season 2 of Trapped.logo_NETFLIX It is a dark, detective story, set and filmed in Iceland. Part of the attraction was landscape photography. This somewhat coincided with another Netflix offering Leave No Trace, a film set in the Pacific Coast rainforests of Oregon. Again, a unique landscape backdrop.

So here is the question: if you wanted to promote Nova Scotia, what type of movie might you make to depict the landscape, lifestyle and values of this province?

bookCover_casualVacancyOne idea came from a quick read of the first few chapters of the novel, “The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling. It is set in the small town of Pagford in England and describes the unfolding of events after the sudden death of one of the Town Councillors. Along the way, it unmasks the various values within society.

Other titles that come to mind, that could fit our geography: “The Constant Gardener” or “The Inconvenient Truth”.

Or we could talk about real events. For example, the Gordonstoun project and its Royal connection. Certainly, Annapolis Royal has a rich history that could provide a Pagford backdrop. We certainly have a large number of ‘constant gardeners’ and we are all fearful of the ‘inconvenient truth’.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, Centrelea Community Hall is the venue for ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’. The film was first released fifty years ago in 1969.

See you at the movies …

David Manners set a precedent, starting from Centrelea.

P.S. Whatever did happen to the Nova Scotia Film fund?
Should we undertake this project, before the forests have been completely ravaged?

(see Annapolis Spectator, June 12.2019. Turned down – Forestry minister Rankin rejects Annapolis County bid to preserve the older-growth forest.)


To Frank Fox for the suggestion to watch Trapped. To Heather Stewart who purchased The Casual Vacancy at the Thrift Store in Lawrencetown for seventy-five cents. To Nancy Godfrey for Saturday Night at the movies in Centrelea. Edward Wedler for his graphics talent, his artistic eye, and a link to his blog post, “What do the films “Outlander”, “Titanic” and “Dev-Con 4″ have in common?”


JK Rowling. 2012. The Casual Vacancy. Little Brown and Co.
Check online for the economic value of Rowling’s books.

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