I notice that many of my blogs are driven by things that I read and then relate to my local context. The Ernest Blair experiment is to see whether we can expand citizen science and maker geography to include literature, art, maps and other media.

My blog looks at geography, whether backyard, valley, region, country or globe through words, images, maps. It takes literally, David Gauntlett ‘ Making is Connecting’ or joining the dots.

Maker Geography

My philosophy is very much in line with the Paul Ehrlich quotation with regards the book by Mary Ellen Hannibal on Citizen Scientist.

Invoking literary, historic and scientific touchstones, and telling a personal story as well, she provides what citizen scientists John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts called the ‘toto picture’. We can’t afford to see the earth any other way.” — Paul Ehlich

Ehrlich is writing in praise of Mary Ellen Hannibal ‘ Citizen Scientist. Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction’. Published by The Experiment, NY

— Bob Maher